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Client Photos

You can upload a jpg image to use as a client photo for VisualGA.  This will allow you to confirm the identity of a client for future visits.

To enable Client Photos you will need to turn this option on in the Administration Console as shown below:

Once that is complete you can now assign a Client Photo for each client by clicking the "Photo" link within the Contact Information screen.  If the client already has a photo assigned, you will see a camera icon just to the left of the Photo link.

This will bring up the Client Photo (if assigned) or a generic image.  You can upload your jpg file by clicking the "Choose Photo" button:

Navigate to the location of the desired file, and choose "Open" in the Windows file dialog prompt.  This file must be a jpg image, and can be anything from a digital photo to a scanned drivers license.  Once you have selected the appropriate file, you will have then assigned the photo for that client.  If the photo was assigned to a client with a SSN, that photo will always remain with the client, no matter what future applications you might add.


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