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Version 7.34+ Update Change Log

If you do not see the most recent updates listed below in your VisualGA software, it may be due to the update being in pre-release mode or that your township has yet to receive  them, as all updates are 'phased-in' over a period of several weeks.  VisualGA will automatically download new updates when they become available.

As a general rule, new features are not automatically implemented, as many of them are highly customizable.  This gives you the option as an individual township, to just keep things as is.  If you would like to implement a feature you can do so in the administration console.  

If you would like to learn more about individual features and settings you can click the '?' context-sensitive help button in the upper right corner, which appears in many of the VisualGA screens.   You can also open the Help Topics from the Help menu under 'VisualGA Help Topics'.

5/11/2023 (7.34)

  • Fixed EA monthly grant eligibility calculation for February
  • Fixed HIPPA Release of Health Information error when printing from main screen

11/20/2023 (7.35)

  • Added recurring tasks for the schedule which enables you to create multiple tasks at once! See the VisualGA Help Topic, Schedule: Recurring Tasks or read more about it here.
  • A custom note can be added for the EA Application, EA Notice of Benefits, and EA Notice of Decision. Each note will immediately follow the EA eligibility terms for each form. For example, if your township has a maximum number of lifetime EA grants, you could add a custom note such as "Residents may receive emergency assistance twice maximum per lifetime". You will find this setting in the Admin Console under Reports, Forms & Letters - Form Customization.
  • Added option for GA/EA Landlord Statement to suppress the 30 day no-eviction requirement. You will find this setting in the Admin Console under Reports, Forms & Letters - Form Customization.
  • Added GA/EA Decision Due notification customization in which the number of days a yellow or red icon will appear on the main screen for GA/EA In-Process clients. Notification #1 (yellow icon) by default is 14 days after the application date. Notification #2 (red icon) by default is 21 days after the application date. You can change one or both of these to your preference. You will find this setting in the Admin Console, under Administration Settings - General - System Settings.

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