An Innovative Solution to Administer General Assistance
The First Township Automated General Assistance System

VisualGA is the first General Assistance system that automates the caseworkers workflow, the processing of information, and report generation used by Townships today.

Traditionally, Townships process General Assistance either manually or with a
in-house database system, like Microsoft Access™. VisualGA is built on the latest Microsoft™ technologies, to provide the Townships with a much needed automated approach to General Assistance.

VisualGA enables you to do everything inside one program, entering applications, tracking disbursements, printing reports, generating Budget Computation Worksheets, printing Notice of Changes and Notice of Decisions, etc.

Managing applicants and general assistance recipients is easier and faster than ever before, in one simple yet powerful program.

  • General Assistance, Emergency Assistance and Additional Assistance ready (Additional Assistance is considered Food Pantry, Salvation Army, etc. customizable for your township)
  • Complete automation of GA life cycle  (Notice of Decision, Budget Worksheet, Disbursements, Notice of Change)
  • Auto-calculation of Budget Worksheet
  • All citations from the manual are built in – you only have to select which one(s) you want to apply to each Notice of Decision/Change and they will print in full on the given form
  • Ability to print disbursing orders, vendor payment vouchers, and checks
  • A multitude of reports to choose from to break down disbursements by category, vendor, demographics, etc.
  • All GA/EA/Community Work Program forms are built-in to the system (Notice of Benefits, Agreement to Repay, etc.) In addition, Job Search Forms can be generated on a monthly basis as well.
  • MS Outlook-like scheduling application built-in.  Keep track of GA appointments, meetings, or anything you would like to put in the system
  • Keep track of Work Program entries such as Workfare and Job Training
  • Keep track of Medical items such as Prescriptions, Doctors Appointments, Hospitalizations, and Medical Supplies
  • Generate SSI 2199 and subsequent recovery report for state recoupment
  • Bill townships for services performed for General Assistance or Emergency Assistance clients.  If your township does GA/EA for other townships, this can be an invaluable tool for you.
  • Business rules mirror the official TSI manual.  VisualGA makes sure you do things right!
  • There are currently more than 80 Townships in the state using VisualGA

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